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Welcome To Janathaa Services

Janathaa is company meant for give loyalty services to the people and business holders. Janathaa involves in the marketing and information services to give quality goods and needs to members. Janathaa supports the business holders by providing customers(Janathaa Members) to grow up their business. On every purchase Janathaa members can get more discounts and benefits through the Janathaa belonging service outlets.

Janathaa members can use the free classified portal for buy, sell and hire. Janathaa supports the farmers to sell their crops with reasonable market prices. Janathaa supports the members by providing the information on health and education.

Janathaa members can get benefits through Janathaa belonging service outlets, classified, agri market and welfare etc. Members can get reward points on every purchase or transaction with cash or cashless through Janathaa belonging service points.

Janathaa also supports the self employed, handmade and local workers by marketing their products and providing works for them.

”Janathaa services is the best in marketing and information services”

Grow Your Business With Janathaa Services